Stained glass cleaning

Stained glass restoration

Although stained glass cannot always be cleaned, restoration can be a cost effective alternative to glass replacement. Glass restoration is only needed when regular window cleaning methods won’t work.  Stained glass

With the right mixture of know-how, chemicals and tools, your stained glass can be cleared from damage caused by oxidation, hard water stains and overspray.

Oxidation appears on the stained glass as an etching or hazing. Hard water stains occur when rainwater travels over a concrete or precast surface of a building and carries tiny particles from that surface on to the stained glass.

Overspray occurs when other tradesmen are at the building before the window cleaner. It is most commonly seen as paint, glue, tape,Stained glass caulking, concrete and waterproofing sealants.

Unfortunately, if the glass has a break in it’s seal and has allowed moisture to form between the panes, the glass can not be restored.  The purchase of a new pane of glass will be the only option other than leaving it as is.

Stained glass protectants

It’s necessary to seal a window after a stained glass has been restored to prevent the stain from coming back right away.

Glass surface protectants form a bond to glass to form an invisible molecular barrier that protects the surface against incidental scratching while repelling liquids and dirt. If you are a home or commercial property owner who plans on having your windows cleaned just once a year, protectants will help windows stay cleaner longer.

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