Shower Glass Cleaning

Professional shower glass cleaning

Does your shower glass look dirty no matter how hard your scrub and clean it?  When trying to do a good job of shower glass cleaning, it’sShower glass cleaning easy to waste a lot of time and money on store brought chemicals only to find your shower glass still looks as dirty as when you first began.  Hard water staining always makes a shower look unsightly and can be extremely difficult to remove.  But call Got Dirty Windows and we will not only bring it back to its original condition but you will be able to keep it spotless with almost no effort.

Shower glass cleaning – The science

What is not commonly known is that glass is not in fact solid, it is a liquid that slowly hardens and becomes more brittle over time.  Further, shower glass isn’t smooth, it is porous and filled with microscopic cracks and holes.

When you use your shower soap, body oils and other dirt collect on the surface, particularly in the surface imperfections.  Over time these chemicals will meld into the liquid glass and stain it over time.  The only way to prevent this is to perform thorough shower glass cleaning every time you use the shower.

Our shower glass cleaning will make it look new again!

It only needs one treatment to make your shower spotless again.  We will take off the hard water staining and then apply a glass sealant that prevents the stains from coming back.

shower glass cleaning twoThe first thing you will notice with our shower glass cleaning service is the glass looks like it is brand new.  Not only does it look immaculate, the surface is so smooth it feels like velvet.  The second thing you will notice is the glass seems to repel the water.  This results in your shower staying clean without almost no effort.

So for outstanding shower glass cleaning at a reasonable price call Got Dirty windows