Pest Control Auckland

Pest control AucklandPest control auckland

We build our houses to be safe and warm environments for us and our children.  Unfortunately, this also makes them great places for bugs.  For pest control Auckland has a great option to remove them.  Some of the bugs we eradicate are listed below:

Pest Control Auckland – Spiders

Pest control auckland spider control

White tailed spider

Most spiders found in New Zealand are harmless though they still produce fear and revulsion among many people. Spider webs can also appear unsightly and cause premises to look unclean. A consistent approach to spider control can easily keep them away and save you endless hours of cleaning week in and week out. There are two spiders that are poisonous in New Zealand; they are the Whitetail and the Red Back.

The Whitetail is an Australian import and has been in New Zealand for about 100 years. The bite from a Whitetail is venomous and painful but not usually dangerous. Though the bite can become infected by bacteria that may be carried by the spider, the infection can sometimes become ulcerated.

The Redback is also an Australian import. It is only the adult female that is capable of biting a person. However these bites are rare and there is an anti venom available for Redback bites.

Pest control Auckland – are you sharing your toothbrush with a cockroach?Pest control auckland cockroach

New Zealand has several species of cockroaches including German, American, Oriental and Gisborne cockroaches. They like warm and moist conditions and can cause large infestations when given the chance. Cockroaches are generally nocturnal; they will remain in crevices and cracks during the day but will become active during the night.

In a home they are likely to form a nest behind a refrigerator or in a hot water cupboard where it is warm. This is a nuisance but more concerning is how much bacteria and disease they carry on their feet.  It can also be very costly in a commercial situation such as a restaurant.  While the effects are similar, the result of poor cockroach control can be more serious, as a local council may give the restaurant a bad rating.

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