To do window cleaning so well you make glass invisible takes special skills. But we do it every day. We offer Auckland's best value window cleaning. For further information on our window cleaning and other services call 838 3363 or click the "Our Services" button below:

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Deionized water window cleaning

We were one of the first window cleaners to use deionized water. This is the ultimate window cleaning system as no chemicals are needed. It also means we can complete large projects extremely quickly with a minimum of interruption to your staff.


How tall do we go?

We use the latest carbon fibre irrigated pole technology. This means we can do window cleaning for buildings up to seven storeys tall! As there are few buildings in Auckland much taller than that you can be confident we can handle your project.


Shower and specialist window cleaning

Nothing makes a bathroom look good as much as clean shower glass. But almost everyone tells us no matter what they try those stubborn stains just will not come off. We use a three step process to restore showers so they look virtually brand new.


Other services

We offer a complete exterior solution. This includes building washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning (including the very tricky cedar shingles) and insect control. Check out the services tab on the menu bar for a complete listing.